Pearls of Freedom Land

We are travelling to foreign countries, reading books and watching movies to see the history. And sometimes we even can’t believe that the most incredible moments have taken place on those territories, where we live nowadays. That is why we are offering you a great opportunity to see “Slobozhanshchina Pearls: Verkhnii Saltiv” and to understand that our desire of freedom, feeling of independence and sense of adventure are not incidental and have deep historical roots. But before we would like to offer you a little historical remark: “Verkhnii Saltiv. What is its secret?”

Numerous, multilingual nomads from different tribes were moving from Asia to west across steppes of Eastern Europe for almost a thousand years, from the beginning of IV and until the middle of XIII centuries.  Among them there were Sarmatian-Alans, Ugric people, various Turkic tribes. Huns have led the first wave of Asian nomads to the Europe in the middle of IV century, Pechenegs – the second wave in the end of IX century and Mongols – the third in the first half of XIII century.
The historical situation in the steppes was more or less stable only in VIII century: the Sarmatian-Alans and Turkic tribes came into some relative state of peace by becoming the part of Khazar kingdom. The united culture has become on the Khazar kingdom’s territories: from the Caucasian foothills on the south to upper reaches of Siverskyi Donets and Don, from Volga and Caspian Sea adjacent area on the east to Azov Sea adjacent steppes on the west. The first monuments of this culture were discovered in the Kharkiv’s region – in the village Verkhnii Saltiv. Because of this find’s location the culture was named Saltivska (VIII – X centuries).

Ancient monuments located near the Verkhnii Saltiv, Volchanskiy region were keeping their secrets for more than a thousand years. Only in 1900 those monuments has started to be researched. Local teacher V.A. Babenko has located an ancient burial in the catacomb, which was located in the one of numerous gully. After the Second World War the excavations have defined remains of an ancient medieval town here in the one of the most picturesque corner of the Kharkov region. This town was located on the right high coast of the Siverskyi Donets and it was outspreading across the slopes and hill chain, which now are rising about 40 meters above Pechenegy reservoir. The area of the town was approximately 120 hectares. Big Posad belonged to the strong fortress with a stone made citadel, which was located in the south-eastern part of the settlement.

“Alan origins” festival program

Time and place: September 10, 2016 in the village Verkhnii Saltiv, Volchanskiy district, Harkivskiy region.


Saltiv Hillfort artifacts from various museums will be demonstrated for the first time publicly

  • Exclusive free tours provided by historical archaeologists and students
  • Demonstrative performance of medieval knights in armor
  • Staged knight fights in authentic costumes
  • Ability to shoot from the real sport bow for everyone
  • Crossbow shooting for festival guests
  • Javelin-throwing competition for all visitors
  • Tug of war, and other sport competitions
  • Folk art Workshops
  • Organized children’s place
  • Fire show
  • Open-air Cinema
  • Designated camping area and parking
  • Minibuses from “Kinnyi Market” station, and additional buses from “Heroiv Pratsi” metro station will be available for the whole day