Let have the floor to archaeologists

Videos below demonstrate common archeological expedition organized by Kharkiv’s historical museum dedicated to N. F. Sumtsov (leader V.S. Aksenov) and faculty of History of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv’s National University (leader of the practice was docent V.V. Skirda) in 2016. Excavations were held in catacomb grave field next to village Verkhnii Saltiv, Vovchancshiy region. This grave field was discovered in 1900 by local teacher V. A. Babenko. This monument of culture has given name to the whole cultural era with a time period from second half of VIII century to first half of X century. Some researchers count this era as governmental culture of Khazar kingdom (early state associations on the south of Eastern Europe. Monument is left by Alans, the nation which lived on the territories of Northern Caucasus and was relocated by Khazar government into the Siverskyi Donets adjacent area in 30th of the VIII century. Almost 900 catacomb burials were found and researched on the territory of the grave field next to the Verkhnii Saltiv. Biggest part of them are family tombs and often contained remains of 2-3 people who seemed to be close relatives.

Burials structures materials contain various clothing material (personal jewelry, clothing items, amulets, armory, ceramic vessels etc.). All those findings characterize material and spiritual aspects of early medieval Alan nation’s life.

During the expedition substantial financial assistance was provided by International charity fund “Alexander Feldman Fund”. All videos were recorded with his request and under control of Alexei Kostyuchenko, the press secretary of the Fund.

Kind regards, V.S. Aksenov.